"Carey-Ann is a strategy superstar. She is bright, confident and full of positive energy. To say that you'll benefit from her services is a huge understatement. It could be the best money your corporation spends this year."

Lewis Cassar, Senior Executive
Financial Services Industry



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Carey-Ann is certified to work with a variety of assessment tools for individuals and teams, such as the Leadership Circle 360 Assessment. Tools can capture insightful feedback for people about their values, how others see them at work and areas of strengths and weaknesses that training and coaching can help build on. Similarly, teams find the use of assessment tools very helpful in learning to understand all of the individual players better so they can work together in a more thoughtful, productive way.

Advantages of the Leadership Circle Profile 360 Assessment:

It's More Revealing
It is the only assessment tool that links an individual's leadership competencies to core beliefs that govern behaviour.

It's Widely Accepted
The Leadership Circle's 360 Profile tool is world class. It is used by leading national and international organizations, government agencies, and top universities.

It's So Incredibly Effective and Easy to Use!
Unlike most surveys, this tool is a world beyond a mere laundry list of behaviours.

The Leadership Circle Profile integrates well-researched leadership competencies into a unified framework. This framework accelerates insight, deepens awareness, and highlights leverage points for change.

The Leadership Circle Profile's focus and accessibility never overwhelms managers with unrelated data. When reviewing results, managers can, at a glance, see the whole picture without laboring over volumes of data. Information elegantly displays the critical relationships between strengths and weaknesses, creative competencies and reactive tendencies, and the interaction between inner assumptions and outer behaviour.