"It's been said that good mentors help people find life direction. Carey-Ann is the type of person who has the ability to help guide and motivate people to achieve new heights in their careers...and in their entire lives!"

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Carey-Ann is often asked to provide expert commentary on a variety of topics.

Here are some recents news stories that featured her:

Profile of Carey-Ann
The Hamilton Spectator

Profile in Hamilton Spectator of Carey-Ann


Dealing with work stress
CityTV - Anna Vlachos



IIss Being Super Busy So Bad?

Why Mindfulness is a Game-Changer for You as a Leader


Leaders seem to be under more pressure than ever before, and technology has us plugged in at all times. We want to do our best to add value to the companies we work for, but at this pace, life can feel like a never-ending day!

So, how do we stop the crazy train? The answer is mindfulness. (Read More)


Leaders, Rev Up Your Mental Engines

The Globe and Mail

Few can truly appreciate the correlation between a healthy brain and professional success as much as Carey-Ann Oestreicher, CEO of a Toronto-based leadership and career development firm. Ms. Oestreicher experienced a freak accident in 2012 when, after fainting during an X-ray, she smashed her head on a concrete floor and suffered a severe concussion. Her recovery included days spent in a dark room with no stimulation at all and years of brain rehabilitation. The tricks she acquired through brain rehab worked so well, she said, she decided to try them on her clients. The result was very successful. (Read more)


How to Master Strategic Thinking


One of the top skills that the leaders we work with want to develop is their ability to think strategically. The world we live in has become so fast-paced that there is a lot of pressure on leaders to think more holistically about how they can streamline processes and leverage opportunities in order to be the very best in their sector.

An executive coach's role is to be a sounding board for his or her clients. To ask the powerful questions that lead the client to the best solutions. Through the one-on-one coaching process, I have learned that a lot of really smart people doubt their ability to be strategic thinkers. Some clients have even asked me, "What does the word 'strategy' really mean anyway?" (Read more)

CareCarey-Ann Oestreicher - Business Profile

Carey-Ann Oestreicher - Business Profile

The Hamilton Spectator

Read this up close and personal profile of Carey-Ann Oestreicher, owner of Potential Unlimited. Learn what brings her peace as well as what drives her in her business.
(Read more)

Is Being Super busy so bad?

The Globe and Mail

I relish the arrival of September the way a marathon runner savours the moments before the starting gun is fired. It pushes aside the frustratingly lazy month of August, characterized by a stream of expired “out of office” e-mail messages. Busy people require other busy people to accomplish the many objectives that pile up just before Labour Day.


What a Cancer Diagnosis Teaches You About Life


Carey-Ann Oestreicher bravely opens up about the moment she found out her husband was diagnosed with esophageal cancer and how that has shaped her life with family and also the way she works.

Radio Interview - How to Handle the Busyness of Life and Work

Listern to learn tips from Carey-Ann on tools she has learned from a brain injury and her work with thousands of people that has taught her tools to balance life's demands and create success on your own terms!

Neuroleadership - The Key to Greater Career and Life Success

Corporate Meetings and Events magazine

Three years ago, I experienced a freak accident which led to a brain injury. I didn't know it at the time, but this injury would change my life. Not just because of the severity of it, but because of the valuable lessons I would learn through my recovery and brain rehab that have taught me a lot about how I want to work and lead my life.

Recently, I was featured in the Business Section of The Globe and Mail newspaper in an article about neuroleadership.  As the CEO of my leadership and career development firm, Potential Unlimited, I work with individuals and groups of leaders who are all wanting to do more with less. They are working at a face pace with technology having them turned on 24/7, and of course, we can't forget all of our personal commitments. The reality is, we just have so many to do's in our lives that it may feel at times we are losing ourselves.What is neuroleadership and how can you use it to help you?


How to be the Kind of Mentor Your Mentee Deserves


Learn top tips for being an effective mentor and how this relationship can benefit you as well as your mentee.


Having Your Best Life and Career


Carey-Ann Oestreicher, CEO, Potential Unlimited, shares her personal and professional journey with listeners and talks about some important lessons she's learned along the way.

The Power of Money

MONEY Magazine - Carey-Ann is a regular contributor to this magazine

I bet you've thought about what you'd do if you won the lottery. The house you'd buy, the places you'd go and the people you could help. But, have you ever thought about your relationship with money? (Read more)

Dare to Be Okay With 'Good Enough'


I recently had one of those "aha" moments: The kind of moment when things that your brain knows to be true actually click with your beliefs, and you can make a change in a snap. This experience happened to me during one of my weekly vision therapy sessions. I go to these appointments to help my brain make new pathways within my vision centre after it had been damaged almost five years ago during a freak accident that led me to faint, my head smashing onto a concrete floor. (Read more)


Attention All Leaders: Dare to Fail


Failure is a natural part of life. The higher we reach in our lives and in our careers, the more likely we are to cross paths with failure. Read Oestreicher article on how to take the sting out of failure.


How to link in on LinkedIn for success

Corporate Meetings Network Publication

Online networking is exploding. I continue to be amazed at the lightening speed at which people have the capability to connect with so many people in a short period of time. For instance, I own a life and leadership development firm, Potential Unlimited, and I have received as many new customers through my online networking as through my face-to-face meetings. It seriously pays to go online. (Read more...)


Top 10 tips for healthy business travel

Frequent business travel can sometimes feel like a wild night of partying – you wake up in the morning and don’t have a clue where you are. Even though we might not wake up with a hangover while on business travel, but the initial confusion can feel the same.

As someone who spends a lot of time on the road as the owner of a life and leadership development firm, Potential Unlimited, I came to the realization earlier in my career that I can either be swept away by my busy schedule or I can start to have some control over how I live my life, both at home and on the road. Making yourself a priority is best for you and your clients, enabling you to bring your best to each meeting. Read more...

Breaking your own glass ceiling
The Globe and Mail

Following the movements of C-suite women has become a spectator sport. When former Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz received her now infamous phone call, professional women started counting the number of females they knew who still occupied the top ranks. [Read more...]


Present Like a Pro in the Corporate World

The ability to communicate your ideas effectively will be one of the greatest determinants of how far and how fast you advance in your career. There are plenty of smart people out there who seem to freeze up when it's time to present to a more senior group of people, or who just don't seem to be able to articulate their vision clearly to their leader, and end up walking away from these meetings feeling deflated. Read more...


Women in industry still under glass ceiling: report
Canadian Underwriter Magazine

Women working in the insurance industry continue to fight challenges that affect their professional development, according to the Women in Insurance Leadership Insight Report. [Read more...]


Present Like A Pro: 10 Tips For Public Speaking Success

Corporate Meetings and Events - Canada's premier meeting professionals publication

Do you feel intimidated by the thought of public speaking? When you present, do you blush? Does your voice crack or do you feel like you are shaking and afraid of losing your credibility by appearing weak?

Presenting in front of other people is reported to be one of the most stressful situations a person may encounter in his/her job. But contrary to what many think, a good presenter is created not born.



Every Team Needs a Coach
Canadian Underwriter Magazine

Imagine what a professional sports team would be like if it did not have a coach.  There would be utter chaos. Now think about your own team at work. Who is the coach? [Read more...]


Cracking Under Pressure
Canadian Underwriter Magazine

Are you stressed? Have you ever thought about quitting your job and packing it all in because you feel burned out as a result of the fast pace you’re keeping? Has stress negatively affected your health? Have you had problems sleeping because your mind will not shut off, or you are worried about an upcoming meeting? Well, if you have ever felt stressed on the job enough to consider leaving the organization, you are not alone. [Read more...]


Why women need to step up to the microphone
The Globe and Mail

“Does this speech make my butt look fat?”

A new book, The Well-Spoken Woman: Your Guide to Looking and Sounding Your Best, starts with that line and, after my initial laugh, I realized it really struck a chord. What woman can’t relate to worrying about something completely absurd while standing in front of a group of people? [Read more...]


Top Tips for Building Teams That Gel

Corporate Meeting Network Publication

Working on a team can be great - you have access to a diverse group of skills and don't have to carry the brunt of the work all on your own. But, there are times when working on a team can feel more like a tug of war contest than anything else. Read more...

Top five nutrition tips for a productive work day

Corporate Meeting Network magazine

Do you ever feel like a firefighter? Running from one crisis to another, trying to save the day…or your event? Well, firefighters need to take care of themselves, and this includes eating right to stay in tip top shape. Proper nutrition helps prepare firefighters to jump into action when needed. And, we all know anyone who plans events is constantly jumping into action! Read more...



Carey-Ann Oestreicher Wins Top 40 Under Forty Business Award - November 7, 2013

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Women leaders - September 21(Download PDF)

Stress - October 17(Download PDF)

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New Year's - December 30 (Download PDF)



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