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'Carey-Ann Oestreicher’s impactful presentation on “Whole Life Management” at the Women in Leadership and Business Conference left me in awe- far surpassing my expectations! She proved to be sincere, warm, receptive and smart, and openly shared her story to make that personal connection with her audience. Truly a remarkable speaker and inspiring woman, you MUST SEE Carey-Ann Oestreicher!"

Sara VanDenElsen, audience member


"Carey-Ann Oestreicher did a fabulous job as a keynote speaker to kick off our Professional Development Day. She is a dynamic speaker who was a big hit with our audience as she engaged and inspired them, using humour and her gift of being able to connect with the audience to help them understand how they could drive action in their own lives.  I would highly recommend Carey-Ann to speak at any event!"

Julian Valeri, ORIMS Director of Professional Development


“Carey-Ann Oestreicher is one of the most dynamic speakers I know. Not only is she authentic, engaging and fun, but she shares concrete steps to help her audiences get from where they are to where they really want to be. Both the men and women love her and are lined up to meet her afterwards."

Chris Sinclair, Vice President, Brand Blvd Inc.
Audience member and Conference Sponsor



Carey Ann headshotLooking for a speaker for your upcoming event to energize the room and provide motivation as well as some practical takeaways? Look no further. Top 40 Under 40 Award Winner, Carey-Ann Oestreicher, MBA, BA, Chief Engagement Officer, Potential Unlimited, is a highly sought after speaker who travels the world delivering messages based on her business knowledge and personal wisdom to help audiences both emotionally identify with the intended message and rationalize the need to alter behaviors, modify    strategies...and become transformed!




Life-Changing Lessons From My Brain Injury About How to Work and Live

The reality of today’s business world is that ‘more’ and ‘faster results’ are expected from workplaces wishing to remain competitive.  Leaders need to be able to manage their own experiences of working under stress while at the same time, creating a work environment that facilitates creativity, team building and optimal productivity.  Managers who employ mindfulness practices are better able to manage stress, are more conscious in their communications and able to respond to crises with increased awareness and reduced reactivity. Carey-Ann Oestreicher, CEO of Potential Unlimited, will share her brain injury story and lessons learned as she continues to recover. This session will feature her lessons on how to rewire your brain for greater success and fulfillment using mindfulness, pacing, and how to use compassion and gratitude to reduce your stress and increase your focus.

Carey-Ann's story has been featured several times in the Business Section of The Globe and Mail. Watch for upcoming details on the release of her book!

Whole Life Management: Putting Together the Pieces in Your Life Puzzle

Let's face it, we can't compartmentalize our lives. What happens in one area, impacts the other. That's why it is important to nurture yourself and your development in many areas to help you go the distance in your career...and in your life!

As part of this session, Carey-Ann Oestreicher, an expert who specializes in holistic coaching for leaders and entrepreneurs, will lead you through quick facts and tips that will impact your health, fitness, financial wealth, mental and emotional well being, relationships with your family and friends and last but not least, your career.

By attending this highly interactive session, you will walk away with:

  • A greater understanding of holistically where you are currently in your own life
  • Learn what other leaders are doing successfully to create whole life management
  • Tools for stress relief including the basics of meditation
  • A look at the importance of fitness, sleep, nutrition and 'you' time in your life and how to get more of this.
  • Learn how to make changes in your life actually stick


How to Live and Work Like an Athlete for Greater Success

The way we’re working is not working. The answer is rooted in the false assumption that we operate best in the same linear way that our computers do: continuously, at high speeds, for long periods of time, running multiple programs at the same time.

That’s unsustainable. When demand exceeds our capacity, we default into a survival zone that often leads us to experience health issues such as insomnia, weight gain, high blood pressure and eventually, burnout.

Carey-Ann who is a certified fitness leader and passionate athlete in addition to owning her own leadership development firm, Potential Unlimited, shares with her audience relevant information on how to work like an athlete to perform at a higher level while becoming healthier and more at peace within their lives. This presentation truly is a MUST for organizations and groups wanting to help their professionals go the distance within their careers and their lives!


To Win the Race, You Need a Coach: Creating a Results-Based Coaching Culture to Help Your Organization Light the Flame of Success

Just as every professional athlete needs a coach, so do professionals in the business environment. But, often coaching within organizations is done ad hoc with very little measurement and no connection to strategic goals. Therefore, its success tends to be only moderate. Coaching is a critical skill that every leader, regardless of his/her official title, should be engaged in as well as receive to develop the competencies of their people.

Carey-Ann shares concrete strategies to develop a results-based coaching culture within your organization with easy-to-follow steps that will get you started on the path to creating a development action plan to help you apply your new knowledge on-the-job.


Carey-Ann is available for speaking engagements for corporations, associations, public seminars and events, and industry-specific trainings.

To inquire about Carey-Ann speaking at your next event, please contact Potential Unlimited at 416-432-2465 or e-mail Carey-Ann directly at