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December and January were a whirlwind for me. I wasn't busy spending time in long line-ups at malls searching for the perfect Christmas present nor was I attending lots of New Year's parties. I was accepted into a clinical trial for brain injuries in Montreal.

At the start of December, I received word that I was accepted into the program. This meant I had to pack my bags at a moment's notice and was gone from mid- December until the end of January, only returning home for a few days a week in January. 

I have found this experience to be fascinating and I would like to share my journey with you.

At the same time, I received some exciting news on the work front. I was approached by the Forbes Coaches Council to be a part of this invite-only global group as a representative from Canada.  I have also signed on with Forbes media to be a regular contributor in the area of leadership development.  I am thrilled and honoured to partner with Forbes!  I invite you to read my first Forbes article(below)!

Enjoy the ride!

Carey-Ann Oestreicher
Chief Engagement Officer
Potential Unlimited



What it Was Like to Participate in a Brain Injury Clinical Trial

Light switch off

For those of you who have been following my story, you know I suffered a brain injury almost five years ago when I went into a medical clinic to get an x-ray of my neck and ended up fainting and hitting my head on the concrete floor. Life has not been the same for me since.

Although my brain has done a tremendous amount of healing since my accident, I still get headaches each day and I am sensitive to light and also to noise.  I was told three years ago by neurologists that my healing had plateaued and I would have to get use to all of these symptoms.

I was willing to accept where I was in that moment, but I refused to give up on my continued healing. I kept moving ahead, treating myself with kindness, and I am happy to say that I have proven the experts wrong. I have continued to heal greatly past the two-year post-injury mark. But, I still have further to go.

So when I heard about a medical clinical trial to test the PoNS device (featured in the bestselling book The Brain's Way of Healing by Dr. Norman Doidge), I was all in.  It was a big sacrifice for my family to have me spend this much time away. But if this treatment could help, I wanted to try it. My supportive husband, Jeff, was completely on board to make this work for us, too. Read about my lessons from the clinical trial

My Partnership with Forbes!Image2

I find it interesting that at the same time I made the commitment to my own health and wellness through being a part of the brain injury clinical trial, I receive this amazing opportunity from Forbes. Perhaps, a reward from the universe that I was making the right decision to put myself first. Or maybe just my hard work from before was paying off! But regardless of the reason, I am thankful for the chance to share my messages with a larger, global audience.

I invite you to read my first article for the Forbes publication! Click here

Today's Thought: If you fell down yesterday, stand up today. H.G. Wells



Carey-Ann Oestreicher

Carey-Ann Oestreicher

Carey-Ann Oestreicher (pronounced O-striker), Chief Engagement Officer for Potential Unlimited, works with individuals and companies to help them reach their full potential.

Recipient of Top 40 Under Forty Award and Nominated as one of Canada's Most Powerful 100 Women, Carey-Ann has held a variety of senior positions including vice-president level and she has worked in industries such as: financial services, automotive and transportation, publishing, cosmetics and fashion.

Carey-Ann is a regular contributor to Forbes. Her media appearances also include CTV's Canada AM, Global TV's Survivor series, CBC NewsWorld, TSN. She has also been quoted in numerous publications such as The Globe and Mail, Chatelaine and Canadian Business magazines.

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