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National Stress Awareness Day Couldn’t Come At a Better Time.
New study reveals most of us are leaving our jobs because we are stressed.


October 31, 2011, Toronto, Ontario – As National Stress Awareness Day arrives this week on November 2, it will be greeted by a population that is more stressed now than ever. Potential Unlimited and Towers Watson have both recently done studies showing that the number one reason people are leaving their jobs is due to stress. Potential Unlimited urges people to take control of their own lives to ensure they are including healthy habbits every day to combat stress before it combats them.

“We ultimately are in control of how we reactor to stressors,” said Carey-Ann Oestreicher, Chief Engagement Officer Potential Unlimited. “If people build healthy habbits and ways to burn off a little steam into their lives, they will be better equipped to handle stress when it comes their way.”

The Towers Watson study looked at human-resources professionals at 316 North American organizations who identified opportunities for promotion as the top reason that high performers would leave. In a separate study of more than 10,000 employees, work-related stress was cited as the chief factor. Potential Unlimited conducted its own study of 600 people. Almost 70 per cent report considering leaving their jobs due to stress.

Potential Unlimited’s Top Tips to Help Individuals Reduce Stress:

1. Learn to meditate.

2. Talk to someone about your problems.

3. Be true to yourself. Trying to be somebody you are not will create more stress in your life.

4. It’s okay to take risks and make mistakes. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

5. Get in shape to go the distance. Exercise is a great way to manage stress levels.

6. Work with a coach and mentor. There is no regulated training for coaches, but Potential Unlimited coaches have all completed the Coaches Training Institute program. Before hiring a coach, research his/her qualifications.

7. Don’t try to be all things to all people. We know this doesn’t work in business so why do we try do this in our own lives? The reality is that work-life balance is about deciding on priorities and delegating or outsourcing the rest.