"Carey-Ann has truly achieved an amazing work-life balance in her own life. Her success, confidence and dedication to her family are inspirational."

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The Business Case for THE ULTIMATE RETREAT

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Are you doing enough to nurture your leaders?

A recent study from Towers Watson reported the number one reason top talent across North America are leaving their jobs is due to stress! The reality is we are trying to do more with less at home and at the office.  But the toll isn't just a personal one.  It is costing employers big time! Reports suggest corporations in North America are paying well over $200 billion a year in expenses for rising absenteeism, lost output, lower productivity, missed deadlines and unhappy customers. This does not even capture the cost of losing high-performing leaders who leave their positions due to stress-induced health problems or because they don't know any other way to deal with the stress of the job.

What makes The Ultimate Retreat, designed by Carey-Ann Oestreicher, Chief Engagement Officer of Potential Unlimited, unique?

In addition to teaching participants useful tools and techniques, the retreat focuses largely on experiential learning to challenge limiting beliefs that have been keeping leaders stressed out and unbalanced.  This retreat helps participants open themselves up to a new way of managing their lives as well as their thoughts.

Potential Unlimited' s The Ultimate Retreat teaches leader participants:

  • Tools to gain clarity of mind and more perspective to help improve the leader's strategic focus
  • Techniques to identify stress at the onset and reduce stress as it arises
  • How to find balance in their lives
  • Ways to overcome high-level obstacles and challenges faced on the job to improve their strength as focused leaders
  • Develop an action plan to incorporate taking care of themselves into their busy schedules
  • Methods to bring the best out in themselves so they can bring this positive energy to their roles at work

Why send your leaders and high potentials to The Ultimate Retreat?

There has never been a better time to ensure your key leaders are in the right frame of mind to go the distance with your organization.  Competition in every industry, around the world, is increasing at a faster rate than ever before. Ensuring that you have focussed, balanced leadership will help give your organization the edge it needs to get to the top...and stay there! And by creating a happier, more engaged management team you are creating a better culture for your organization. Leaders of the organization are the ones everyone is watching. They set the culture for the rest of the staff. So if they are happy and engaged, the rest of your people will follow their lead and your company will be on its way to greatness!

Who Should Attend the Ultimate Retreat?

Leaders and High Potentials who are driven, hardworking,Type A individuals putting them at high risk of overextending themselves leading to burnout.

Cost: $12,999 CDN for single occupancy and $11,999 for double occupancy (plus applicable taxes)

Location: Red Mountain Resort, St. George, Utah, USA

The cost of the retreat includes:

  • 4 nights standard accommodations at the Red Mountain Resort, St. George, Utah, U.S.A.
  • All meals and non-alcoholic beverages while at the resort
  • All retreat activities, sessions and guest speakers
  • Guided classroom/discovery sessions led by Carey-Ann aimed at deepening your learning throughout the retreat
  • Airport transfers to and from St. George airport and the resort.
  • One 50 minute coaching session call with Carey-Ann after the retreat to continue to deepen your learning from the retreat.
    Price does not include airfare to St. George. Participants who choose to fly into Las Vegas, Nevada, will be responsible for paying their shuttle service to St. George. Participants are responsible for booking and paying their own airfare/transportation to St. George and are asked not to book their flights until they have received written confirmation from Potential Unlimited that they have been accepted into the retreat program at their chosen dates.

Sign your leaders and high potentials up today...spaces are limited!  www.potentialunlimited.ca