"Carey-Ann has an amazing ability to build relationships.  She genuinely cares about her clients and does everything in her power to help them achieve their goals."

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Dave Gordon, Manager (Human Resources)
Fortune 500 International Insurance Company



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RELATIONSHIP BUILDING - Reaching Out For Success

Building relationships successfully is an essential skill for business and life outside of work. Learn how to connect for success. Explore the essence of relationship building and discuss the role that technology plays in effective relationship building. In this highly interactive course, Carey-Ann will teach you her simple and proven model for building relationships that will help to increase your productivity at work and overall happiness in life.

Time: Two-day course

• Feel more confident about your ability to network
• Gain a better understanding of your own 'relationship' style and its impact on forming relationships
• Gain more respect from colleagues and clients

• More about yourself as a team player
• How to develop the trust of your colleagues and clients
• How to deal with difficult people
• Ways to overcome obstacles that may have been preventing you from forming effective working relationships
• More about your own interpersonal relationship style.* Extra costs apply for assessment tools.
• How to compromise and still win
• How to give genuine feedback in a way that is not offensive
• How to get people on side and excited about your project


Strongly recommended: Partnering this course, that teaches the techniques and best practices around relationship-building, with Potential Unlimited's Corporate Coaching, that works one-on-one with individuals to help them put into practice an effective relationship strategy on an ongoing basis.