"It's been said that good mentors help people find life direction. Carey-Ann is the type of person who has the ability to help guide and motivate people to achieve new heights in their careers...and in their entire lives!"

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Presenting in front of other people is reported to be one of the most stressful situations a person may encounter in their job. But contrary to what many think, a good presenter is created not born. Carey-Ann Oestreicher, the former speechwriter for the President of General Motors and a seasoned public speaker herself is here to help! Learn how to be a confident presenter who can effectively get messages across to gain the credibility you deserve!

This course is specifically designed for women to draw out their natural ability to communicate and to provide a safe opportunity for participants to practice, develop and grow as presenters.

Time: Two-day course (at a location of your choice)

Strongly recommended: bundle a one-on-one Corporate Coaching package with the course to deepen the learning. These sessions will also allow the participant to work through any additional obstacles to being a successful presenter that may not be fully addressed for the individual by learning presentation techniques and practicing them in the classroom.

• Gain the confidence to deliver your messages to a group of people
• Learn techniques to deliver informative, motivating and memorable presentations
• Learn techniques to help reduce stress associated with presenting
• Conduct audience analysis before, during and after your presentation

• How to connect with the audience
• How to project confidence in your voice
• Relaxation techniques to help you deal with public speaking stress
• How to organize your presentation to help the flow of your content
• How to use non-verbal communication to add confidence to your presentation
• How to handle impromptu speaking situations, problem situations and demonstrate control
• How practicing public speaking in front of a group can help you improve your skills
• How to reduce self-doubt from your presentation
• How to develop your own style of presenting