"Carey-Ann has truly achieved an amazing work-life balance in her own life. Her success, confidence and dedication to her family are inspirational."

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Cheri Chevalier, Chief Marketing Officer
Fortune 500 International IT Company



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CONNECT LIKE A WOMAN - Relationship building

Learn to tap into your natural skills as a woman to become better at relationship building and to more fully utilize and develop your interpersonal skills. Carey-Ann will teach you her unique model for relationship building that has served as her foundation throughout her career.

Time: Two-day course (at a location of your choice)

Strongly recommended: bundle a one-on-one Corporate Coaching package with the course to deepen the learning and to help you tap further into your own individual relationship building skills to help you achieve greater success in your relationships.


• Feel more confident about your ability to network
• Be more aware of other people's perspectives and feelings
• Be a happier, more vibrant you
• Gain business benefits by being able to form quicker, more effective bonds with internal and external clients
• Gain more confidence during your communications with others

• More about your personal relationship style. * Assessment tools can be applied for greater insight for an additional fee.
• How to use your special gifts as a woman to build rapport and earn trust
• Effective listening skills
• How to decode verbal and non-verbal communications
• How to walk the talk – deliver what you promise
• Ways women can sabotage relationships even with good intentions (and how to prevent this from happening)
• How the laws of attraction can help you build better business relationships
• Achieve better work relationships and enhance your positive professional image
• How to handle feelings of frustration and anger
• How to use positive self-talk and gratitude to improve your outlook all day long
• Tools for controlling reactions instead of letting them control you