"Carey-Ann has truly achieved an amazing work-life balance in her own life. Her success, confidence and dedication to her family are inspirational."

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Cheri Chevalier, Chief Marketing Officer
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(A Potential Unlimited Stress Reduction Program)

The reality of today’s business world is that ‘more’ and ‘faster results’ are expected from workplaces wishing to remain competitive.  Leaders need to be able to manage their own experiences of working under stress while at the same time, creating a work environment that facilitates creativity, team building and optimal productivity.  Managers who employ mindfulness practices are better able to manage stress, are more conscious in their communications and able to respond to crisis with increased awareness and reduced reactivity.

After experiencing a brain injury in 2012, Carey-Ann's world felt like it was tumbling all around her. She prided herself in her ability to 'do' - to be a successful career woman as the owner of Potential Unlimited and a busy Mom. By experiencing this injury,and even more specifically through the brain rehabilitation program, she learned some life-changing tools around how to rewire her brain with Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction to gain greater focus, clarity and peace of mind. Mindfulness has been a game changer for Carey-Ann.

Oestreicher began to share these tools with her clients and they too were experiencing major shifts in the way they began to live and lead. As such, Carey-Ann has developed her own Mindfulness Based Program for Leaders that addresses the health and wellness issues, but also looks at Leading Mindfully for Success. She teaches the principles around using your body, breath and mind to reduce stress, gain focus and stay in the present moment in combination with her coaching principles and training that helps people break through barriers keeping them 'stuck' and held back by fears, weighted down by to-do lists as well as overwhelmed by anxiety about keeping up with what we feel others' expect of us.

Carey-Ann's story was featured in the business section of The Globe and Mail.

Stress is not just a personal issue, it is a major organizational issue. A recent study from Towers Watson reported that the number one reason top talent were leaving organizations across North America was due to stress! And,the Canadian Index of Wellbeing recently reported that the proportion of males and females experiencing high levels of 'time crunch' grew from 16.4% in 1992 to 19.6% in 2005 with a higher proportion of females (22.7%) than males (16.6%) reported feeling time pressure. But it doesn't have to be this way! Learn how to increase your personal and workplace productivity and feel more energized at the end of the day!

Time: In-house (location of your choice) 8-week program featuring one (two hour) session every two weeks for a total of 4 sessions. *Varying timeframes can also be discussed to suit your needs. Mindfulness training is also available to individuals as part of the one-on-one coaching.

Recommended: bundle a one-on-one Life or Corporate Coaching package with the workshop to deepen the learning and to continue building healthy habits in your life to reduce stress!

• Gain greater self awareness
• Become less reactive to stress
• Rewire your brain for greater focus, clarity and peace of mind

• Learn how to use self awareness to lead and make leadership decisions
• Mindfulness techniques using the body, breath and mind to help reduce stress
• Learn more about your individual style and how to use it to your advantage to combat stress
• Tips for taking care of yourself
• Tools for instantly gaining greater perspective to improve focus and be more strategic
• How your expectations are creating stress and how to achieve without the pressure
• Why we do the things we do (and why it may be counterproductive to continue)