"Carey-Ann has helped bring balance to my life. Through her coaching and encouragement, I've been able to look at my life from a different angle and discover I have many different options. I'm very grateful for the new perspective she has given me."

Jennifer Martin
Mother of Two



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WORK-LIFE BALANCE - Striking a balance in your life

Every day, women face the juggling act of life. A study released by The Canadian Index of Wellbeing reported that 20 per cent of us feel like we are in a worsening "time crunch."

We know trying to be all things to all people doesn't work in business, so why do we think it will work in our own lives? Often overextended, many women suffer from symptoms of stress such as accelerated heart rate, poor sleeping patterns, low self-confidence and a feeling of no time to maintain a healthy level of physical fitness for themselves.

In this highly interactive workshop, Carey-Ann will help you to make some important distinctions in your life so you can be more engaged in the present moment. Each participant will develop action items to lead them towards a happier and more balanced life as part of the session.

Time: Two-day course (at a location of your choice)

Strongly recommended: bundle a one-on-one Life Coaching or Corporate Coaching package with the workshop to deepen the learning and to keep your balance goals alive.

• Gain a greater sense of peace and happiness in your life
• Understand you are not alone
• Gain tools to address the stresses in your life

• How to prioritize your life
• Tips for time management
• How to make some important separations in your life so you are more engaged in the present moment
• Tools for stress relief including the basics of meditation
• How to take care of yourself first (and why you should)
• How to have fun in life, despite all of your roles and responsibilities. The result, a happier more effective you!