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MENTORING - For Baby boomers

Statistics Canada projects that 25 per cent of the labour force will retire by 2017. This means all of the experience that your organization has fostered for years and is crucial to the success of your company is leaving too!

It is important to develop mentorship skills now to make it a part of your culture to minimize the impact of the retiring baby boomer cohort. This mentorship course, offered to mentors, goes in-depth with each participant exploring the value they bring in their role and what knowledge they can share with up and comers at their organization. Focus will be on learning what a mentor is as well as on the tools/techniques that can make them effective mentors. Other topics covered include obstacles individuals face that may impact their role as a mentor and setting professional boundaries with the mentee.

Strongly recommended: Partnering this course, that teaches the tools of mentorship, with Potential Unlimited's bundled Corporate Coaching offering, which works one-on-one with key individuals to help them put into practice an effective mentoring relationship in the workplace.

Time: Two-day course (at a location of your choice)

• Make an impact by teaching others as an effective mentor
• Develop positive relationships with your organization
• Learn more about yourself

• Tools and techniques to make you an effective mentor
• How to overcome obstacles that mentors/mentees face
• How to set professional boundaries with your mentee
• Ways to help members of the organization reach their full potential
• How to leverage your skills and abilities to positively impact others
• How to motivate, guide and empower others