"Carey-Ann's expertise in training and development is second to none. Her presentations draw people in - generating great group discussions, and building enthusiasm. As a client of Carey-Ann's (through the General Insurance Training and Development Group), I always look forward to working with her."

Jeff Griffith, Manager
Financial Services Industry



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PRESENTATION SKILLS - Present like a Pro

Presenting in front of other people is reported to be one of the most stressful situations a person may encounter in his/her job. But contrary to what many think, a good presenter is created not born. Carey-Ann Oestreicher, the former speechwriter for the President of General Motors and a seasoned public speaker herself is here to help! Learn how to be a confident presenter who can effectively get messages across to gain the credibility you deserve.

Time: Course can be tailored from half-day to two days, depending on the size of group (at a location of your choice)

• Gain the confidence to deliver your messages to others
• Learn techniques to deliver informative, motivating and memorable presentations
• Practice techniques to help reduce stress associated with presenting
• Learn to conduct audience analysis before, during and after the presentation

• How to connect with the audience
• How to project confidence in your voice
• Relaxation techniques to help you deal with public speaking stress
• How to organize your presentation to help the flow of your content
• How to use non-verbal communication to add confidence to your presentation
• How to handle impromptu speaking situations, problem situations and demonstrate control
• How practicing public speaking in front of a group can help you improve your skills
• How to reduce self-doubt from your presentation
• How to develop your own style of presenting