"Carey-Ann has helped bring balance to my life. Through her coaching and encouragement, I've been able to look at my life from a different angle and discover I have many different options. I'm very grateful for the new perspective she has given me."

Jennifer Martin
Mother of Two



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SHINE LIKE A WOMAN - Confidence and Assertiveness Training

Now is your time to shine… by embracing the many special qualities that you possess. This workshop will help you learn how to take your natural skills as a woman and apply them confidently on the job and in your life outside of work. You will unveil and recognize your own strengths and opportunities, and within the course, practice assertive behaviours in challenging situations.

You will walk away from this course with a greater appreciation of yourself, more confidence and a greater ability to express yourself.

Time: Two-day (at a location of your choice)

Strongly recommended: bundle a one-on-one Life or Corporate Coaching package with the course to deepen the learning and to help you reach further within yourself to fully develop your confidence and assertiveness for maximum success.

• Gain more confidence in conveying your ideas
• Be able to be appropriately assertive
• Learn more about yourself and what is holding you back

• More about your personal style and how that impacts your performance.* Assessment tools can be applied for an additional fee.
• Assertiveness skills to use in a variety of situations
• How to leverage your special gifts as a woman to stand out from the crowd
• How to say "no" and set boundaries while still being able to be a team player
• Tools to reduce stress and anxiety on the inside while helping you to remain composed on the outside during challenging situations
• The role of assertiveness in effective negotiations
• The differences in communication styles between men and women